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Omega 3’s: Why We Need Them, Where to Get Them, and the Alternatives

A fact that never fails to blow my mind is that 98% of Americans are deficient in Omega-3s. I really can’t think of many things that 98% of Americans are all on the same page about. It is not always easy to get omega 3s from the foods that are in the average person's everyday diet. Another really interesting facet is that it’s one of the only things that the human body needs but we do not naturally produce. Some of the most natural ways to therefore get these resources are through the consumption of fish. The fish with some of the highest omega-3 levels are herring, cod, salmon, and sardines. The problem is though that some people do not like to eat fish, for other fish can be an expensive protein to shop for and lastly some people do not know how to cook with fish or even have the time to do so. All of these are obstacles that may stop someone from getting access to their omega 3s making it difficult for people to be their healthiest selves. A lack of consuming enough omega-3s may also make someone more prone to things like heart disease and certain cancers.

When I first learned some of these things I began looking for alternatives to always having to buy and make fish while still making sure that I am getting those nutrients that I needed. Originally I found that you can take those fish oil pills and for a long time I was doing that but I really did not enjoy them. It wasn’t until recently that my friend recommended me a drink called EO3. This drink tastes exactly like a normal smoothie but gives me the omega 3s I need so I don’t have to take those pills anymore. From the different ways I have tried to make sure that I get the proper amount of omega 3s EO3 has been by far the easiest and best way for me to do so.

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