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Intuitive Eating While Pregnant

Being pregnant is one of life’s greatest miracles, yet also one of life’s hardest stages. While I have never been pregnant and do not plan to be, I had to do an assignment in Nutrition 360 course where we create our own blog and review someone else’s blog. The woman I reviewed writes a lot about women’s health and inspired me to write this post about how intuitive eating can help someone who is pregnant. I aspire to work with eating disorders and women’s health so topics like this inspire me.

Intuitive eating can help subside major pregnancy issues such as acid reflux, morning sickness, and iron deficiency. Most doctors will tell you that you need to drink so much water and take a prenatal and stay away from foods that can cause food poisoning. The key to pregnancy and nutrition is to just eat enough calories and nutrients to sustain the growing baby. In certain situations, replacing the nutrients where you are deficient might be necessary.

When you are carrying a child, the growing baby can press against organs that halt healthy digestion. Going on a special diet can sometimes be needed however adding simple snacks such as prunes to your diet can help. Non-diet factors such as sleeping at an incline or wearing tight-fitted clothing such as maternity leggings can also suffice.

Low iron during pregnancy is also a very common issue. Eating foods rich in iron is necessary. However, morning sickness can make it difficult to stomach certain foods. One recommended food is bran flakes which are rich in fortified iron with a side of orange juice; vitamin C helps absorb iron more efficiently. If you can eat these without getting sick, red meats such as hamburgers in the form of tacos can be tasty!

Another very common issue during pregnancy is cravings. Cravings usually stem from malnutrition in certain minerals and vitamins. Intuitive eating plays a key role in cravings as your body usually craves what it needs! Hormones also change what foods appeal to you the most. Sadly, this is one of the few times women are encouraged to eat more, so listen to your body and enjoy it in moderation!

In all, intuitive eating is key during pregnancy due to its ability to swerve cravings, increase iron levels, relieve morning sickness, and decrease acid reflux. It is important to keep a healthy baby growing and getting stronger, and the mama! I will be definitely using these tips one day and I am happy I stumbled across Rachel's blog.

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