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Reducing That Extra Bloat this Summer

Bloating is something that most people experience, but it can be uncomfortable and cause one to be insecure about their body. This is especially true during the summer when it is bathing suit season. Over the years, I have found that there are several tips and tricks to help alleviate some of the bloat.

My first tip is to eat and drink slower. Eating or drinking too quickly can cause you to swallow air, leading to bloating. Take your time to chew your food thoroughly and avoid gulping down beverages. This can minimize the amount of air you swallow and reduce bloating.

My next tip is to reduce the amount of salt you are consuming. Too much salt can lead to water retention, which results in bloating. I try to limit the amount of salt I add to food and use alternative spices when possible. In addition to limiting salt, try to limit the number of carbonated beverages and drinks with added sugar. Both can increase bloating. I have found that drinking regular old water is the best way to reduce bloating.

Stress can also play a significant role in stomach bloating. Stress management techniques like yoga, reading, and or any activity that you find relaxing can help reduce anxiety and bloating. Regular physical activity can also promote digestion and reduce the bloated feeling.

One of the biggest things that I have found to be beneficial for bloating is lowering the amount of artificial sweeteners I consume. Artificial sweetener can be great in moderation because it is zero calories, but it is known to cause bloating and puffiness in the stomach area. One recommendation I have is to switch to honey or all-natural maple syrup because it is healthier than granulated sugar but will not cause excessive bloating.

There are simple ways to reduce bloating, all you have to do is remember the above tips: eat slowly and chew your foods well, limit your salt intake as it can be dehydrating to the body, increase physical activity during the day, and participate in activities that lower your stress level, and, lastly, watch your intake of artificial sweeteners, as they can change the bacteria in your gut!


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