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Benefits of the Elderberry

The tiny, purple, antioxidant-packed berry, also known as elderberry, is known to boost our immune systems and provide us with many other benefits. During flu season, I typically take a spoonful of elderberry syrup to boost my immune system. Elderberry is known to reduce cold-like symptoms and reduce the time of illness.

Unlike cough syrup or other Vitamin C syrups, elderberry has a powerful fruity flavor that makes boosting your immune system enjoyable! Not only have I enjoyed the flavor of the different forms of elderberry, but I also look forward to taking it! Common forms are teas, gummies, syrup, and pills. Many immunity beverages will also have hints of elderberry in it. What are some other benefits outside of our immune system that elderberry can provide us with?

Having a healthy gut is especially important for an overall healthy body. In 2016, elderberry was used in testing its effects of it on the GI tract. They found that elderberry stimulated the growth of healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract leading to improved digestive health. The immune-enhancing effects of elderberry aided in treating digestive infections.

An easy way to incorporate elderberry into your diet is by adding it to a morning breakfast smoothie. A simple, yet delicious smoothie recipe of mine consists of a frozen banana, water, strawberries, orange juice, and elderberry syrup. If you want a thicker consistency, adding ice will be beneficial. This smoothie is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and is an easy on-the-go meal. Another recipe including elderberry syrup is elderberry muffins! Adding elderberries to baked goods will give your food a vibrant, purple color.


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